If you like finishing the year with a pleasant feeling that you accomplished many things and became at least a little better in something, came closer to your goals and fulfilled your dreams, here are some more ideas where you can invest your time and efforts.

Get rid of excess stuff. End of the year is the best time to part with the things that you did not use too long. Getting rid of does not always mean throwing away. You can give these things away, donate or even sell them - after all, someone might need them more. Answer yourself the following questions honestly and sincerely: "Do I need this thing? Will I use it?" Your decision will free much space for something better or leave you with a fresh feeling of freedom and lightness.

Try something new. We often live by inertia, repeating the same every day and believing that we like it. Actually, it is great happiness to love your weekdays. However, at the same time, a radically different experience is more likely to inspire you to develop. Try a new practice, taste an unfamiliar dish, start talking to a stranger, make a parachute jump make something you were secretly dreaming about or were scared about, let yourself be drawn into an unexpected adventure.

Get yourself in good shape. We are all at different stages of the path to health and beauty; someone even has not taken this course yet. But these several month are the right time to start forming good habits, to take first steps towards healthy lifestyle and see the changes in yourself. Any sport or simple physical exercises, even daily walks will make such changes. Just choose what you like, do as much as you want (but regularly!), and accustom yourself to activity.

Start reading more. Good books are the most fundamental source of knowledge, ideas and inspiration. Reading is an opportunity to catch a piece of the past, immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world and better understand yourself. Moreover, you learn to interpret and construct logical chains, make your own conclusions and express your thoughts in a more clever, bright and elegant way. If you read one book a week, by the end of the year you will master 15 books. But even if you read at least one book more than in the previous four months, you will do something good for yourself as well.

Finish the repair or make your place cozy. Everyone knows that the repair can last forever. Many of us live without a lamp in the living room or with the unloved tile in the bathroom for years. Nevertheless, renovated, comfortable and cozy home is what can make you feel happy every day. Even if the repair is not planned, slight improvement, rearrangement of the furniture or change of accessories will not cost a fortune, but will breathe new life into your place.

Learn how to cook. It is quite possible to learn 15-20 daily dishes in a few months. Learn to understand the products and appreciate their taste, not spoiled by long cooking, and everything will seem a lot easier. If you know how to cook, you fully control what you eat. It is very important to be aware of what goes into our bodies. What is more, your creativity and ingenuity are significantly engaged in the cooking process. In addition, it is an excellent way to show your care and express your feelings. In addition, you can cook together with your family or friends and having fun as a team..

Tell Luminosity whether your calendar year outcome important for you. What motivates your achievements? What makes you proud of yourself?

Travelers that spend away from home all their vacations and free time, say that some of the most important ideas come to them while traveling. Why does this happen?

Change in perception. Travel allows us to see the world through different lenses. We try new foods, hear foreign speech, and change the rhythm of our day. When you make trips to other countries, you can see how much life elsewhere may differ from yours. Moreover, when you come back home, you can look at your lifestyle and assess it with fresh eyes, what would be impossible if you did not go out for days from your office. This new perception can bring you new ideas and unexpected solutions to problems that you have been struggling for a long time. When you travel, you have a great opportunity to think the way you have never done this before.

Energy recharge. Holiday spent in travel is a great way to restore your energy balance and focus. Imagine your life as a glass that is slowly being filled with dripping water - daily stress, problems and tasks at work. When this glass gets full, your thinking becomes less efficient and productivity is reduced. Travelling is similar to pouring out water from the glass and making it empty for new thoughts and experience

Brain exercise. Travel can be compared to learning a new subject, as it provides opportunities for learning new information, getting new experiences and stimulate the creation of new connections between neurons of your brain.

Moving out from your comfort zone. Regardless of whether you go hiking on the Inca trail or go for a week in the Sahara, trips push you out of your usual routine and comfort zone. When you visit new places, you break your boundaries and broaden horizons.

Inspiration. During the trip, you can come up with new ideas or solutions for realization your old ones. Spending time in a completely different places, speaking to various people and seeing incredible sceneries will make you feel that your brain has started to work in a different way. Trips to other countries will help you escape from the routine, focus and think about your plans and aspirations.

Communication. Travel is a set of situations in which you need to talk to other people. You can learn a lot new things about your ability to communicate while travelling, especially in places where English is not native language and you need to rely on non-verbal cues to get the necessary information.

We are often so obsessed with our work and throw ourselves into the routine so often, that sometimes we just cannot find the strength to come out from the process for some time and refresh our brain. Travelling can bring us new experience, ideas and understanding of where to go next in our life.

Please tell us what positive changes have you noticed in your life after returning from journeys? 

Indeed, the culture of privacy is vanishing. Places where you can cover from the outside world are getting fewer. Instead, we now have more and more opportunities to avoid loneliness. TV, computer, tablet or phone are always within too easy reach.

Being in touch is one of our most basic needs; it should have served as a foundation of the Maslow’s pyramid. We need communication, friendship, our family, and want to receive evidence of our self-importance. Therefore, we spend much time in social networks, check our likes and comments and track our Google Analytics. However, it leaves no time for reflection. We deprive ourselves of the opportunity to consider clearly the most important things.

Here are several possible solutions:

Your daily dose of solitude. Come up with you own way to immerse in yourself for 1-2 hours a day. This can be a long walk along with your own thoughts or breakfast in a deserted café.

Sleep and meditation. Meditation clears your head from unnecessary thoughts in just 15 minutes. Some types of meditation require you not to think about anything at all, which sometimes is the hardest. Other types require you to focus on your breath or pronouncing the mantra. At first, meditation can seem boring, but you will feel the effect with practice. A nap in the middle of the day is good for you as well. Although it may be difficult until you get used to sleeping during the day, this habit will be quite beneficial for your creativity.

Internal dialogue. An extremely effective tool, which helps to understand yourself better.

Non-intention. When you are looking for a solution, your brain tries to offer you the most easy and familiar way. Resist this. Instead, for example, look out of the window for 10 minutes and think of something different for a while. You will see solutions that are more imaginative. So, leave your intention to solve the problem immediately and look where you did not look before.

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