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1. Start practicing yoga or go for a fitness. Yoga will elevate your mood, improve health and keep your body in good shape. Spring goes straight after winter, and then summer comes up! Keeping your body in a comfortable weight during the winter is much better for your health than losing weight for several during several months, which is stressful for the body.

2. Drink more water. Help your body feel great, even when it is cold outside and the sun is a rare guest. Drink more water, eat fruits and vegetables.

3. Start learning a new language. It will be useful in your summer travels.

4. Make a list of books you want to read. Even if you have no time to read them now, take a look in your list later to choose some book.

6. Make a tattoo. If you have been planning this idea, now is the right time to realize it. In winter tattoo heals much quicker and easier.

7. Learn to cook something quick and delicious. There is simple solution for situations when you want to eat something tasty, but don’t want to go outside. Learn how to cook something you love and keep in your fridge ingredients for this dish.

8. Quit smoking. Hiding behind light cigarettes is pointless as it has proven that the harm from them is the same. Review the reasons why you smoke and think about your health carefully.

9. Write a plan for your ideal spring or summer day. If you cannot wait for the warmth, start to take steps to meet it. Imagine what you would like to do, wright everything down and don’t forget about your plan when spring or summer comes!

10. Plan an ambitious project and start its implementation. Write down everything you want to realize and think about steps you can start from right now. Plan and go ahead!

11. Find new sources of inspiration. For example, view blogs on Tumblr or Pinterest, endless sources of inspiration for everyone. Try to communicate with people that inspire you. Most people are always polite and happy to respond if they receive an interesting message and have time for it. The main thing here is to be polite and honest.

12. Get rid of things you do not need any more. Go through all your things and check when was the last time you used or wore them If things are still in a good condition, you can give or sell them to someone who needs them more. All other unnecessary things can be thrown out.

13. Feel yourself a gardener and shelter a couple of plants. If you want to cultivate a small garden on your window sill, it is time to prepare for it. Find out the plants you would like to grow, what soil and vitamins are needed for them and when they need to be sown or planted.

14. Prepare dinner with friends. Discuss menu in advance and assign the products that each guest needs to bring. Come up with games that you can play even during cooking.

15. Update all music in your player. Delete everything except most beloved tracks and find new albums, bands and genres. What we listen to affects us and new music sometimes pushes us to move ahead in our lives.

Tranquility. The more we meditate, the calmer we become. The reason for this is that neuronal connections are significantly weakened during meditation. At the same time, connections between the areas of the brain responsible for reasoning, decision-making and bodily sensations are strengthened during meditation. This helps us evaluate stressful situations more efficiently when we experience them.

Creativity. By weakening synaptic connections in the medial prefrontal cortex, meditation helps our brain to update its “configurations". Scientists from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands found that meditation improves creative thinking. When meditator focuses on both internal and external processes, it gives rise to new ideas and innovative solutions.

Memory and attention. PhD Catherine Kerr, a member of Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging and Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, says that meditation improves many mental abilities, in particular, quick memorization of material. In addition, the ability to ignore all distractions allows people who practice meditation focus and concentrate better.

The structure of the brain. A study conducted by neuroscientists at the University of California in Los Angeles showed how meditation affects the structure of the human brain. The study involved 44 people, half of which has practiced meditation on average 24 years. Their daily meditation took from 10 to 90 minutes. The remaining 22 people were not engaged in meditation and they formed the control group.

Experts examined the participants’ brain structure using MRI technology and two additional methods of analysis. It turned out that people who practice meditation have a larger volume of the hippocampus, orbitofrontal cortex areas, the thalamus and inferior temporal gyrus. All these regions are responsible for our emotional state as well as our ability to control responses.

Consequently, the development of the ability to meditate and turn inward has an incredible positive psychological and anatomical impact.

Authors of these videos let us to gain a glimpse into the fabulous world of winter fuzz.

Do not miss the chance to see how snow crystals are created and sublimated. The shooter - Vyacheslav Ivanov - used microscopic timelapse.

Timelapse photography - the technique of recording a very slow process, (such as the opening of a flower bud), by taking a large number of photographs on a strip of film atregular intervals. The film is then projected at normal speed

Note: the snowflakes do not melt – under the certain conditions snowflakes are transformed from the crystal into a gas.

And one more related video –The Science of Snowflakes – 6 minutes of interesting explanations and stunning pictures of snowflakes creation from the scientist point of view.

Authors demonstrate and prove the well-known fact - there are no exactly the same two snowflakes.


Thus, keep your eyes, explore and admire as yet winter time.
And let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ….

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